Winning Strategies for Free Online Poker

It’s never too late to start playing poker online. Whenever you want to start, there are numerous websites that offer free tutorials to let players hone their skills. Not just free tutorials, many websites also offer players the chance to play free poker. Players can not only decide on the difficulty level they want to play at, they can play at public tables or on private tables to suit their mood.

Getting comfortable with online poker
We all know that playing poker online is a vastly different experience than playing poker in a live casino. For one, the atmosphere is not the same. While a live casino would have a lot of noise and distraction, online poker is generally played in seclusion in a player’s home. The style of dealing also varies – online poker game  dealing is much faster in comparison to a live dealer who is slower. And lastly, you have a limited amount of time given to you for a move when playing online. In case, you don’t ask for an extension and are unable to finish your move, the computer (which is also the dealer) folds your cards.

To make winning easier for gamers who play free online poker, these are a few pointers that can be followed:

1. Have a definite plan of action – This point cannot be stressed enough. Having a plan of action or strategy is imperative not only to your winning but also your mastery over the game. It is for this reason that all poker greats keep a record of their strategies in a diary so as to refer to them time and again. Having a strategy also strengthens your playing style besides sending out a message to your opponent that you are serious about the moves you are making. The more you play, the easier it will be for you to tell when an opponent is playing in a haphazard manner with no clear objective in mind.

2. Blind basics should be clear – Blinds and antes are an integral part of poker. A small blind refers to the person who sits on the left of the dealer button while the person sitting to the left of the small blind but on the right of the dealer button is called the big blind.

3. Tournament classification – These are of two types - the ‘sit & go’ and the ‘multi-table’. While the first one has a single table seating for up to ten players, the multi table has several tables involving more players. Seating is random in the ‘sit & go’ tournament while gaming officials choose the placement of the players in the second one. The ‘sit & go’ starts as soon as all the players are seated while the ‘multi-table’ begins on the green signal of officials. The jackpot is divided amongst the winner as well as the runners-up players in the ‘sit & go’. On the other hand, the winner takes all in the ‘multi-table’ tournament.