Online video poker TIPS

Online poker players trying to make the transition to online video poker will find a lot less tools. There are no other players to read, no other hands to bluff out of the pot. However, online video poker still takes skill to play, and those used to more mindless games on USA online casinos may find a challenge they did not expect in online video poker.

Online Video Poker Strategy

While there are few clear rules in online video poker, there are mathematically correct strategies to pursue, just as in blackjack. Players who want to excel at online video poker should find a basic strategy guide, either in a book or online and refer to it as they play. This will help them make mathematically correct decisions and improve their chance to win.

Online Video Poker Game Selection

Another important aspect of online video poker is researching games. The right game with the right pay table can have an extremely low House edge.

Decide whether you prefer standard jacks or better video poker, deuces wild, joker poker or any of the other variants. Then do some research to see what kind of pay table you need for maximum benefit at each game, then go out and seek that pay table.

Full Pay Online Video Poker

To be successful at , it’s important that you play games that are “full pay.” This means a pay table that confers the best odds you can expect to get for that type of machine.

Each game has a different standard for full pay and you will have to do some research to see which is right for your game. In the standard jacks or better game, full pay is 9/6, meaning nine coins are awarded for a full house and six coins for a flush.

It’s not as easy as it sounds to find the perfect game, perfect pay table and play perfect strategy. However, if you can do all of these, you can find yourself in a situation in which you have an even chance or even a positive expectation of winning.

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